Ask Someone: GMC Terrain #1518975450

2011 terrain radio AM/FM stations are full of static.
Getting no radio reception but CD’s and other accessories work.

Your car’s antenna is likely no longer connected to the radio.

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Tighten the antenna…nothing changed.I have to admit it, the static occurred after going through the car wash.

That is only one of a couple of connections. The wire is connected under the antenna itself and runs to the back of the radio. Corrosion or damage or disconnection in any of those spots renders the radio inoperative. The threaded stud under the antenna mast can also get corroded and should be cleaned off so there is metal-to-metal contact. So that’s the path.

It might make sense to buy a new antenna from the auto parts store just to plug it into the back of the radio to see if that really is the problem. Be sure and ground the antenna base before testing.

Also, the wire connecting the antenna and the radio may have damaged shielding. I imagine there is an EMI shield on the wire that is damaged. If it is, then the wire will act as an antenna, letting electromagnetic interference into the line. This leakage would show up as static.

Lots of possibilities. Good ideas above. I’m guessing it is just a case of a broken radio. But I’ve had a similar problem on my truck happen when the antenna ground b/c disconnected from the chassis.