2012 Ford Fusion Fan & Radio Problem

Two issues with my 2012 Fusion. 1) After the vehicle sits for a few hours, you need to
manually press the fan speed button to turn on the fan regardless of what setting it was
previously at. If the car sits for a short amount of time, you do not need to touch any
buttons as it remembers where it was set.

  1. Radio/XM/Bluetooth/CD all work intermittently. Radio has power and is on but the
    audio turns on and off intermittently such as 10 seconds on and then 10 seconds off.

Both problems started at the same time out of the blue.

This is a wild guess, but I wonder if your battery is about to give up. My only reason for the guess is that I had a 1990 Ford Aerostar and the clock would reset to 12:00 when the car sat for a couple of hours. I think the radio may have lost the presets. I stopped for gasoline and after I pumped in the gas, the battery wouldn’t crank the engine and nothing worked. A new battery solved all the problems. Your Fusion is at the age where the battery may be on its last legs.