2012 Ford Flex - Won't stay on

I have a 2012 Ford Flex. The Flex will not stay started and all it does is turn over. The code came up as the key but had that done and still nothing. The vehicle has about 45,000 miles. It doesn’t need starter or battery, alternator.

what did you have done with the key? if you just had a new key cut you need to have it reprogrammed.
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It has been at the shop going on 6 weeks and they keep telling me they are checking every wiring system and they had gotten the key cut and programmed.

it may have something to do with your anti thieft system. you can try this…
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Hi – They tried that, I don’t know what to do. I really appreciate your help. They said they found some corrosion on some of the wires. They had mentioned about trying to get some paperwork about the ignition switch from Ford but they only sent the one paper for push start but I have to start with a key.