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2008 Ford Fusion - Trouble starting

Well maintained Ford Fusion with about 256K miles. Recent episodes of having to turn the ignition key several times and occasionally press the brake pedal to get the car to start. No ignition ‘life’ during these attempts.New battery installed in August. Is the problem the starter, loose wire, what? Would like to ‘help’ the dealership when I take it in with some suggestions. Getting ready for a long road trip and don’t want to be stranded.As you know, if the car doesn’t act up when it’s in for service many can’t find the problem. Thanks.

This is never a good idea. It could subconsciously lead a mechanic in the wrong direction or may give them an excuse to do unnecessary work. The best way to help a technician is to give the most detailed description of the symptoms as you possibly can. Sometimes when I get someone who is too talkative with their description of the symptoms I tend to want them to hurry up so I can get to work. But I’ve learned the longer I listen, most of the time the more time I save in diagnosis. Talk symptoms not solutions.


Frankly with that many miles, I would rent a car for a long road trip. You could leave the Fusion at the shop for a diagnosis while on your trip.