2010 Ford Flex Intermittingly Starting

My 2010 Ford Flex is not starting intermittingly 4 times since Aug. 31, 2015 always in the morning, the lights and seat move but it will not crank. When we take it to the dealer after towing, it works fine this happened 8/31, 9/3, 9/10 and 9/16 but after 5 mins it started on 9/16 called and took it back to dealer to see if the problem repeats they replaced the battery on Aug. 31 and put in a starter relay on Sept. 10th even though they did not think that was the issue and it isn’t. The car is currently at the dealer to see if this happens in their care I have a video from 9/10 showing what is going on when we try to start it with both keys this happens in the morning, the dealership told me to start it in neutral and that did not work as well. Any suggestions? I am afraid to drive it far not knowing if it will start or not but this only has happened in the morning before work.

It sounds like a neutral-safety switch issue but since it didn’t start in neutral then something else is wrong. Have you tried another key?

Yes. We have tried both keys each time same result. Thanks.

Did a little looking around and here are the 4 possible fixes
Ignition Switch
Crank Position Sensor
Transmission position sensor

Thank you all for the advice I’l be sure to mention it to the experts at the dealership; the Flex has started each time so they don’t see the problem but my video and Ford’s tow truck driver told them it would not crank. However, once it’s off the tow truck it works and we drive off not knowing if or when it will happen again, they can’t fix what works they say it has to not work at service. Thanks again.

Try operating the vehicle with just the single key in the ignition, rather than a bunch of keys on a key chain. See if that makes this problem happen less frequently or not.