2012 Ford Fiesta Rear Power Window Switch Broke

Long story short, I was taking the door panel off to replace a speaker and the power window button broke somehow. The button doesn’t click anymore, it wiggles loosely, and the light inside it stopped working. I cannot figure out what is going on with it. Does anybody know how to fix it and what part I need to replace? Thanks.

Sometimes if you pull the switch out of the door panel and take a look see, you might be able to figure out what came loose and fix it. Maybe a metal piece on top came unsnapped or something. Might as well look. Otherwise its to the dealer to look at their computer screen for the part which I would guess is in the $125-250 price range. One of the guys here is a Ford parts type who may know more.

I would say that you somehow damaged the switch while removing it. So the switch probably needs replacing.

Call around to your local auto recyclers for a replacement switch. Switches like these are used in vehicles for many model years. And recyclers have what is called a Hollander exchange manual so they can determine if a switch from another vehicle/year will work.


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