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2012 ford escape "check fuel fill inlet " light

Driving the other day my check engine light came on with the warning listed above. It was not the first time ,the first time I was told there was dust or dirt in there and they cleaned it out and was ok. Now it came on again and I was urged to bring it to my Ford dealership as “it concerns emissions” If it was emissions it would be covered by the warranty as the federal govern laws state. I brought it in and they ran an emissions test ,it passed so it is not covered by warranty , They got error codes p0442,p0456 and p0457 , they diagnosed it as occasional faulting canister purge valve. They recommend a replacement purge valve 213.00 and injector flush 199.00.I have already paid 95.00 for the estimate. I need someone to tell me if this sounds valid ? and if there is another way around doing this . Also if I am damaging my car by running it now even if it is running GREAT . Any and all feedback will help greatly . thanks in advance for you knowledge and skill.

If they got error codes, it did NOT pass emissions. No emissions standard passes a car with the CEL on. The purge valve is emissions-related and should be covered. The injector flush is probably not needed.

To get it fixed under warranty, you need to take it in when the CEL is ON…Does your car have a gas cap or do you just stick the nozzle in a fueling port? That port must close and seal perfectly when you remove the refueling nozzle. A little silicone spray in there might help it…

What is the cel? No there is no gas cap ,it seals ok when you shut the door .

CEL = Check Engine Light… These codes are all related to fuel tank sealing and venting and are part of the emissions system. You can drive the car without hurting anything…

I am going back to dealer ,as the cel was on all the time until they turned it off ,it is back on now .I will have them contact ford directly , I will tell them ,that since they got error codes the emissions test did not pass .thanks for the info I will keep you posted .

What state do you live in? If your car car does not require an emission test, then they don’t have to fix it under warranty…

Those codes all point to something causing the fueling port not to seal and to leak…

That capless fuel filler has had problems, here’s a video describing how to clean and lubricate it to help it seal:

@Caddyman, the emissions warranty is Federally mandated. Just because you may not be in an emissions testing zone doesn’t mean the warranty doesn’t apply.

States set the testing requirements if the EPA forces them to do emissions testing…That’s why emissions testing is such a hodge-podge of different and often conflicting procedures…The manufacturers and their dealers have all sorts of ways to slip out of doing emissions repairs…The federal law may depend on the car failing an emissions inspection before it can be invoked…An emissions nag light (CEL) does not guarantee a free repair…

If they provided with an estimate the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty must have expired.

The fuel injection service in an additional service offer unrelated to the vapor leak, skip it.

What did the dealer say about the fuel fill inlet error code?
They want to sell you a $35 purge valve for $213 and a pretty much useless injector flush for $200 but they didnt say anything about the main issue of the fuel inlet? A 2 year old car wont benefit much from an injector flush because the injectors dont get very dirty in only 2 years, unless youve been doing a lot of driving and put A LOT of miles on it.
This is the kind of stuff that gives all dealers a bad reputation.

The car has about 58000 miles on it and yes they still want to replace the valve and they said my injectors were coming up on a 60000 mile maint so I should clean the injectors anyways. I have not done it yet but am scheduling a day to do it … I am going to try the inlet cleaning like the video above shows and I will clear the cel and let everyone know what happens.

No need to do the injectors, that’s just a wallet flush, unless you’re having drivability problems. I’d bet $10 there’s not ‘injector flush’ in your service manual.

If your cars not under warranty, I wouldn’t have a dealership work on it. Take it to a reputable local shop.

The EPA mandates that the vehicle manufacturer warranty the catalytic converter and the computer for eight years/80,000 miles.

All other emission control components are warranted for only two years/24,000 miles.


Tester is no doubt correct about the Federal emissions warranty provisions…However, many states, like California, place a stricter burden on manufacturers emissions warranty coverage…It can be a real nightmare as these systems become more and more complex and states keep modifying and amending their emissions laws…In 2015, Colorado will exempt all cars less than 8 years old from testing…8 to 11 year old cars only must demonstrate their OBD system is working properly, no tailpipe test…Vehicles older than 11 years still get the IM-240 dyno test UNLESS they have been scanned and passed by a drive-by roadside emissions monitoring station…