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Check Engine Light - Off Now - Waiting for Parts - Shouldn't It Go Back On?

2007 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster Check Engine Light went on. (This is really a Mercedes Benz SLK 1st generation knockoff.) No change in drivability, but I figured it needs to be put on the computer. Took to dealer and they said needed to replace Emission Control Purge Valve and Canister (about $750 plus labor), and had to be special ordered (like all Xfire parts) and prepaid. Took car back waiting for parts to come in, check engine light off. Now over a week later, still waiting for parts, but check engine light has NOT gone back on! Does this seem like an unnecessary repair, maybe a momentary sensing of onboard diagnostics that really isn’t a problem?

I think you called it right. This may be an unnecessary repair. All it takes is a loose gas cap to temporarily light the lamp. Or it could be any of several other temporary glitches that may or may not recur.

I would advise you to reclaim your car. Do nothing as long as the CEL is unlit. If it comes on again, you can then review the situation.

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Get an inexpensive code reader, like an Actron Pocket Scan, for example. You’re right, that light may return or it might not. The reader lets you see what code is set and you can research it and turn off the light and see if it comes back.

Right now, you could check and see if you’ve got a “code pending.” Most malfunctions post a code (code pending) without the CEL coming on and if it posts the code a second time, on comes the light. No second code and the pending code will be removed automatically in time.


I wouldn’t do anything until the light comes back on. If you’ve already paid for the parts you could pick them up and keep them in case the light comes back on for the same problem in the future.

This is a classic case of someone who chronically overfills their gas tank. The light probably came on right after you filled the tank. Gas comes out of the ground at a relatively cold temperature. It expands in the gas tank and gets pushed into the purge valve. After doing this enough times, it turns on the light.

The first time the light comes on, it will usually clear itself as the fuel evaporates. If you stop filling at the first click, you will probably never see this code again.

Actually, I do not overfill tank (no “topping off”) and this did not occur soon after filling up. When first click occurs, I stop. Also, I checked the gas cap several times. Well aware of that potential issue, thanks. I think CSA and MCparadise are on to something. I am considering one of those reader cables to connect to laptop or iPad so I can get the code (s). But I do appreciate the input and welcome other ideas.

Isn’t this repair covered under federal emissions warranty?

Would you believe that these parts are only covered under the mandatory warranty for 2 years/24,000 miles? Other items are for 8 years.

read your manual on emmision warrentee that should be covered! but Ill bet it was a looes gas cap that will give same code as large evap leak! next time a light comes on go to Autozone they will read codes for FREE and the Google codes and see all possablitys firts.

My apologies. Almost all the time this is due to “topping off”. I have heard, but never seen where water vapor can get into the system and ice up causing this temporarily, but I don’t see how it would ice up this time of the year.

It is possible that the purge valve or its operating solenoid intermittantly stuck. It’s been my own experience that when something intermittant like this happens it inevitably returns until the actual cause is finally corrected.

If it were me I’d do an internet search to prepare to save money in the parts, cancel the shop order (unless they required payment up front, since this is “special order”), and wait and see if the light trips again. You might be one of the lucky ones that had an erroneous blip. It does happen,

I spoke to the Doral, FL D-C-J dealer service management this week, mentioned all of feedback and feedback (pretty much the same fom everyone), and I really appreciate the advice. Dealer called to tell me they were sending me a refund check. (I hope it comes faster than the parts, which haven’t come in even yet!)