2012 Ford Escape Blower not working

I have a 2012 ford escape with dual climate control with sync but not the touch system. Got in the car this morning and the blower isnt working at all. Thought it was a fuse, nope thats fine. Checked online and thought it was the blower resistor but he said the lower speeds would go if it was the resistor. He said that I need to reset the system and there is a procedure to do this involving pressing various dash controls. I cant find this. Can anyone help me here? I am in Wisconsin so I need the heat,

I’ll bet you need the heat there alright. We’re warmer here in Alaska than you folks are there.

I assume your model has a variable speed control for the blower speed and not several fixed speeds. If so then you would have a solid state module controlling the current to the blower motor and the module may be bad. They can either go open or short the output to the input. I also assume that the vehicle is no longer under warranty but if it is you should have the dealer fix this issue. If the module is bad you should be able to locate it by following the wires back from the motor. The module is screwed to the air ducting for cooling.

I am not very auto capable, would this be a large amount of labor?

How difficult in getting at the module in order to replace it will depend on the ease of access there is to it. I’m not sure how your model is designed. Hopefully it is fairly easy, as a lot of them are. Before going after it though it should be verified by testing that it is really the cause of the trouble. The modules cost about 100 dollars.

THere is a thermister and restistors and a relay. The fan would not blow if the thermistor was blown.

Thanks for the info @knfenimore. Your input is always appreciated.

As the circuit drawing shows there are four fuses involved with the blower circuit. Hopefully the trouble is just due to a blown fuse and replacing it will solve the issue.

Even if the thermo-fuse in the resistor pack was open the blower should work when set to the HIGH position. The switched ground connection for the blower motor is made through the HVAC module, not the resistor module.

Using the circuit drawing provided above the shop should be able to pin down the trouble pretty fast if the tech knows what he is doing.

Well after $332 and all day at the dealer, they replaced the blower fan/motor. I think its odd that the fan went from working to totally dead overnight. I asked for the old part. I have a friend who can test the fan for me.

It is a little unusual for a motor to go bad after that short amount of time. I assume you had no warranty period left on the car due to mileage. It is easy to test the fan by just connecting 12 volts to it. At least you will have heat now. Thanks for the update.