2012 Ford Edge p0017 & p0012

I am on a long road trip, I went from cruising to overheating and dead on the road. Hose came off the coolant tank and I was dry. I fixed the hose refilled the coolant and I am turning over with no start codes P0017 Crankshaft position -Bank 1 Sensor B P0012 Intake Camshaft Position timing over-retarded. I’d appreciate some help with the diagnosis so I can figure out if I am towing it home or junking it here.

Find, disconnect and dry the connectors for those 2 sensors. Reattach and see if it will start.

Those codes indicate the timing chain has jumped time and the VVT is out of sync.

And when that happens, the engine won’t start because there’s no compression.


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Do you think a cam siezed and threw the timing off when the engine overheated?

No. I think this is one of the engines with an internal water pump driven by the timing chain. I think the WP went bad first, which caused the coolant to boil and overpressurized the system. The question at this point is how much effort would be required to make this run again. If it got hot enough to warp the head, this would likely be too expensive to repair unless you tow it home and DIY.