1997 Toyota Corolla overheats

Random overheating problem, runs fine for a while then the temp shoots up. Flushed system. Replaced radiator, thermostat, did a full tune up. Water pump is working fine.
I checked timing, it is a few degrees advanced, but there is no way to adjust timing.
Is it possible the crank sensor can move throwing the timing out?
Is there a technique for getting all the air out of the coolant system?
Engine runs fine, ideles smooth.
I am thinking the problem is an air lock or the timing is off…

Aren’t you supposed to bridge 2 pins before hooking up the timing light?

E1 and TE1 . . . ?

I’ve run into faulty new aftermarket thermostats which actually CAUSED overheating . . .

Are both electric fans working?

What does the coolant and engine oil look like?

If the fluid is frothy, like milkshake, you’ve got combustion gases where they shouldn’t be, due to a breach

You can easily perform a block test to rule this out

When burping the air out, the radiator cap has to be the highest point, might have to raise the front of the vehicle. So if the car is facing downhill, you’re going to run into problems burping air out, for example

Were all these components replaced BECAUSE of the overheating, or just because they were leaking or not working correctly?

Why are you so sure the water pump is fine?

Isn’t it driven by the timing belt . . . if so, no easy way to check, short of removing one of the plastic timing case covers.

Another thing about the timing . . . you are correct that there is no easy way to adjust the ignition timing, because the distributor is not slotted. However, if your marks don’t line up perfectly when replacing the timing belt, for example, your ignition timing will also be off