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2012 Dodge Journey got diesel in the tank

someone borrowed my 2012 dodge journey and put diesel fuel in it ran a while than I had to have it towed.what are my options

Drain the diesel fuel from the tank and add gasoline. The spark plugs may need to be replaced if they are fouled but in most cases that is not necessary. You may find that some shops will want to perform a lot of unnecessary flushing and replacing of parts.

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Agree with @Nevada_545. In addition, the person who “borrowed” your Journey should also be the person paying for the repairs

Another diesel fuel in gas vehicle post !!! What is going on and why won’t someone tell how this was done .


@VOLVO_V70 is right. We asked this question to quite a few posters and never got a good answer.
Someone did mention that this could be posters from other countries where there may be Diesel pump nozzles that are the same size as Gasoline nozzles.

Or there are a lot of people siphoning gas from the farmers tractor, or construction machinery.


If that’s the case then it serves them right as far as I’m concerned…

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