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2012 Chrysler Town & Country bubbling hood paint

My 2012 town and country van has 50,000 Miles. I just noticed the paint bubbling aroung the front edge of the hood. I bought it two years ago and wonder if the warranty would cover this. My nephews Jeepnhad the same problem and he thinks that the warranty was extended to ten years because th problem happend to many chrysler owners

The only place that can answer that is the dealer or Chrysler corporate office. No one on the web will have the real answer.

Do what all the used car dealers do with Chrysler Minivans of that era. Put a smoke colored bug deflector on the hood, covers up the rust.

This is a known issue with this gen (2008-2017) . Have a 2014 that had this problem and got a new hood put on and painted in 2017 and FCA paid for it even though it was past warranty . 6 years might be pushing it at this point but if its a good dealer they may be able to get FCA to pay . It is basically corrosion (not rust) because it is a aluminum hood . The paint process they used is less than perfect causing it to delaminate after 3-4 years .