Will Chrysler fix the rust bubbles on my Town & Country?

I have the same problem, rust bubbles on the hood, am checking to see if they are going to take care of this problem, 2016 Chrysler Town & Country, 38,000 miles, I think they should fix this with no questions, My first Chrysler van !!!

I think you’re going to have to ask Chrysler, not your peers on the internet.

Your car is young enough that it might still have a factory warranty. Have you tried going that route, filing a warranty claim?


Good luck and please let us know how it goes. Check owners manual for appeal procedure.

Here in MN and WI, I see these vans are more prone to rust than the average vehicle. Our 1999 lasted over 150,000 miles but the strut towers were weakening noticeably. That design problem was fixed, but our 2007 has lots of areas of rust that make it unattractive. We still like it a lot. It has been inexpensive to buy (used) and to keep running, and is comfortable and versatile. Sliding side doors - thumbs up!

Same problem?
If you have rust bubbles on the hood and not so much anywhere else, they could be the result of stone chips that were not taken care of in a reasonable amount of time as they occurred.

The front of the vehicle takes the brunt of flying objects and debris. That’s why touch-up paint sticks are sold, to address stone chips and other injuries to the paint. After washing a vehicle, an owner should take a close look and see if any new chips have appeared and treat them.

Road salt applied to roads in some locals can greatly exacerbate the problem of rust bubbles, but the culprit is usually little bitty chips being left to do what they do best and that is expose raw metal to the elements and then oxidize.

To be sure it isn’t a defect in the paint or the case that the hood was improperly refinished prior to your purchase, roll by a couple of professional auto body/collision shops and get an opinion from a professional painter.

As far as your warranty fixing this, I doubt it. Read your warranty carefully. Most cover rust-through perforation and not surface rust.

Oh, and pick up touch-up paint in your car’s color and make it a habit of using it, as necessary, after the vehicle is cleaned and dried.

P.S. Do you wax this vehicle a couple of times each year? That would help if you’re not.

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If it is aluminum hood corrosion and was not caused by damaged paint it should be covered by the 5 year corrosion warranty.

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I just spoke to Chrysler about the same issue on my 2016 vehicle. Basically if its more than 3 years old or has more than 60,000 kms on it they wont entertain helping out.

Same issue?

March 2014: (2016 vehicle?) Original post referred to “same problem,” rust bubbles on the hood.

As I pointed out then, this could be caused by “environmental damage (stone chips, etcetera)” or it could be a factory/dealer defect.

Again, first, a reputable professional body shop or two will have to examine it and try and ascertain the cause.

I have a 2016 Town and Country that has the same _ _ _ _ problem. The warranty for corosion on the car is for five (5) years and unlimited milage. The bubbles seem to be growing daily. Me van has only 65,000 miles one it and will be at the dealership on Monday. i will update later.

They did my 2014 and I think it was past the warranty . So far two years later I havent seen the problem . It is not rust , it is aluminum corrosion from imadequate surface prep at the factory .

A lot could depend upon the “in service” date. That is when the car was first sold to a customer or registered as a dealer demonstrator. Sold or registered as a demo before May 9 of 2015 the 5 years would be up today. Knock on wood they will cut you some slack.