AC blowing hot on driver; cold on passenger


I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. The driver’s side air conditioning has been blowing hot air (after a couple hours it finally gets a little cool but not much) and the passenger side blows out nice cold air. Usually I deal with it, however, its been near 100 this month and can’t take it anymore. Any clue as to why its doing this?

Thanks in advance!


One of the vent distribution doors must be stuck or disconnected.


Does your car have dual climate control? Maybe the passenger side is set to cold and driver is hot. This is probably not it, but maybe we can rule out the easy stuff first.


I would not rule out a vacuum problem. It would not be first on my list, but keep it in mind as you are checking lings like the blend doors.


i fought this for two years and nobody could fix.I finllly started to take my dashboard apart untill I found the problem.a linkage had dropped off from the flap that went to the drivers side. popped it back on and ist worked great. it is on the passenger side under the glove box compartment. my car was a 97 buick same problem same gm hopes theis helps rodmusic1@aol,com


Yes, my car does have dual climate control. It wasn’t like this last summer, however, my car was stolen in the winter, recovered and major repairs done. I believe they fixed some leaky head gasket or something, the struts, shocks, springs, etc.


A dual climate control system (I believe) uses dual paths through the heater system to blend the air as to the correct temperature. The driver’s heater door may have gotten stuck open. This, to me, seems the most likely cause.

Removal of the glove box and possibly the dashboard is required to check for something like this so it’s probably best left to an automotive A/C and Heating specialist.