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I own a 2008 Grand Marquis/for 10 Years we own this sedan;

My Issue: The Traction Control System is working and the car parking brake is also working.

(Unfortunately the red light on the dash is illuminated for both systems).

How can this Issue be fixed?

Thank you:

How do you know traction control is working? It’s not something you can easily detect.

Have you checked your brake fluid level? Often the red parking brake light when the fluid level gets low…I also wouldn’t be surprised if the system is set up in a manner that if one of the systems is malfunctioning that it lights up multiple lights to get your attention (your owners manual would be able to tell you for use)

By taking it to a good, well recommended independent mechanic for analysis, diagnostics, and repairs


I expect there’s some problem that is causing the engine computer to purposely turn off traction control and the abs systems. If you have cruise control, good chance that is disabled too. A faulty wheel speed sensor is a common cause. Ask your shop to check the diagnostic codes in computer memory.

Oooo! I like this theory. The low fluid could light up the brake warning and I believe the traction control utilizes the braking system, too. So, the low fluid could trigger both symptoms.

“Traction control monitors wheel speed using ABS wheel speed sensors. If a wheel is slipping, traction control reduces engine power to help the wheel regain traction. [If necessary, traction control can also apply the brakes to the slipping wheel.] This will transfer power to the other wheel (which now has more “traction”) depending on surface conditions.”

I’m with you, pyrolord314. We’ll either both be right or both not so much right.

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Brake light comes on for a reason.Check brake fluid level and make sure there is no evidence of an external leak… Take the vehicule to a certified independant shop ASAP.