Acura integra 01 L.S 2dr

Trunk will not open when unlocked,from door switch.It will only unlock with key and it has to be held in clock wise position and key cannot be realesed from lock to be opened. Lock at tunk is also making buzzing sound when you try to open, in open position and also wich key is used in trunk lock. Please help! any suggestions or advice. Thank you J. Przystasz

The same key that works the door locks should also operate the trunk lock. Sounds like the electric solenoid that releases the trunk when you push the button (I assume it’s the button on the remote you are pushing).

P.s There is no remote control for this vechicle. It had after market alarm removed 6 months ago that had no remote. Alarm was dissabled when I purchased vechicled 4yrs ago. Thank You