2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport key locks in accessory position

I have a 2012 Chevrolet Captiva that I purchased from a dealer in 2017. The key started locking in the Accessory position and will not allow removal of the key. The dealer says they have to have the car until it has the problem while in their possession. This is very frustrating…can anyone suggest a solution to this problem.

The next time this happens, shift the car in and out of Park a few times and see if that releases the key.

And wiggle the steering wheel, it may be the steering lock.

I did that this morning 5 times before it would release the key.

Also, when you park, straighten up the steering wheel; my Toyota sometimes acts up that way when I don’t have the steering wheel in the dead ahead position.

If you get fed up with this problem, ask your shop if there’s a part that they can guess is the likely cause, and have them replace that part on a flier. Make an agreement w/them prior about the next step (and who pays for it) if that doesn’t work. The alternative is to give them the car and let them have a staff member use it as their daily. Downside, you’d have no car until they get it fixed, which might be weeks. Probably either the ignition switch ass’y or something located near to it.