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Key is sticking in the ignition

I just bought my kia from its first owner and love it. However, one of the first issues I came across was when I tried to turn the car off and the key stuck in the ACC position.
I’ve had this happen nearly half the time I turn the key. My best fix for it is to turn the car back over and continue to try turning it off. Sometimes it needs a forceful turn to get it to work. I brought it to the dealership and they “couldn’t duplicate it” but factored out it being an issue with the stealing deterrent the car has built in. My husband hasn’t had issue with it either so now they are looking at me. I swear it happens a lot! I’ve tried turning the wheel, lifting the key in the process of the turn, being gentler with the turn, everything. It’s still happening.

The next time this happens, jiggle the transmission lever a few times and see if you can turn the key after that. Also try shifting to neutral and seeing if the key will turn. If either of those help, then you’re probably having a problem with the interlock between the transmission lever and the ignition that prevents you from going into the off position when the car is in gear.

Along with lion’s advice, you could squirt a little PB blaster into the lock and work it in. They make a silicon lubricant (HomeDepot has it) that is slick as hog snot and works great for loosening stuck locks and moving assemblies.

also consider trying graphite powder. this is cleaner than PB Blaster and is a dry lubricant made specifically for key locks (with no moisture residue).

avail everywhere, even Ace Hardware

Key could be worn. My son’s key would not turn the car on, stuck and could not get past ACC. He was 4 hrs away from me, but 2 mins from Toyota dealer. They made him a new key and all is well.

Figured it out! The shifter doesn’t go into the park position as well as it could so the key gets stuck in position because the car is still in gear. A quick tap on the shifter makes it click into place and the key comes right out!

Thank you so much. 2012 Kia. Been trying everything to remove the key. Removed to positive cable from the battery, turned like starting it and turned it off and the key came right out. Some electronic ignition switch defective I guess.