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What’s going on with my 2012 Sonic?

Car did not turn over without giving it gas, started rough, blinking engine light and traction light was on. Let it idle for a minute or two. Shut car off and let it sit for an hour, restarted it engine light flashed a few times and traction light stayed on. What is wrong with my car.

I own a chevrolet spark and something similar happend to me… traction light turned on for an half hour on the highway… it was rainy as hell out side so i think thats the reason… if its not happen again just let it go…

Do NOT just “let it go” . A blinking check engine light indicates a serious misfire, which could ruin your catalytic converter if the car is driven like that have it towed to a mechanic.


If the check-engine light came on, then one or more codes were stored. We need those codes to take a guess. Auto parts stores in most places will read them for free (if you can get there without the light flashing, as you need to stop the car immediately when that happens).

This probably means your tires need to be replaced .

Beyond the fact that both emit light, the traction light is in no way similar to the check engine light.

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When I asked the manager of the local Costco tire center about days to avoid, he told me “Try not to come here on a rainy day. That’s when the folks who have been avoiding buying tires for too long finally realize that they need to replace their tires”.

I don’t think the tires would cause that, but the CEL is causing the TCS light.


A flashing CEL shouldn’t be ignored. Driving that way could cause expensive to repair engine and/or cat damage.

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