Panel Lights mishehave after 100,000 maintenance

My 2014 Toyota RAV4 Limited turned 100,000 miles and I took it in for the 100k maintenance. It is not a dealer who serviced my car.

After that, the Check Engine, Tracks OFF and AWD light would come on, not going out after I start. My mechanicseems to be at a loss why it happened and he could not reset them.

I had a fuse to the cigar lighter (I use it for charging the iPhone) that blew a fuse. He reset the fuse for me.

Any suggestion?

If “Check Engine” light is on, it must be some codes stored in OBD.
If your mechanic does not know how to read these, you urgently need to find a new one.

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It turned out it was a lose wire to the transmission and he’d found it.

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