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2011 Toyota Highlander carfax

The CARFAX report for a one-owner, “no accident reported,” “no damage reported,” 48,500 mile 2011 Highlander Limited I am considering for purchase has had NINE (9) alignments performed since it was new. This seems to be an excessive number of alignments, with only one of those alignments having been associated with the installation of a new set of tires at 29,400 miles. Is this typical of 2011 Highlanders and/or what is the cause? Anyone with similar 2011 Highlander alignment histories or insights? Thanks.

I don’t know why you would think this is typical of any vehicle. Carfax is a guide , not an absolute record .
If you are on the web asking about a used vehicle then you should just pass on this one and look for another or even a different brand . There is not a shortage of used vehicles .