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2001 Toyota Highlander - Shimmy

I have a 2001 Toyota Highlander with 75,000 miles.
Low miles as I live in Honolulu. no trouble all these years but 2 years ago I replaced the timing belt and 4 months ago needed to replace the engine mount as it was leaking oil. Now the steering wheel started to shimmy about 2 months ago, but only when in motion and steers straight. The mechanic said the tires had flat spots and this was the cause. They are 11 years old but still look good. Would this be correct or ???
Many thanks, HawaiiAnne

You are about 5 years past the time to have new tires. Go to the tire Rack web site and they will explain the age is a factor on tire performance. Also no more than you drive you don’t need top of the line tires , just good ones.

I have a Highlander of that same generation with 100K miles. Mine has also been pretty reliable. Mine also recently started to have a bit of a shimmy. My tires are perfect (4 seasons on them) and I would love to have you follow up and tell us if new tires solved the issue for you. Thanks.

Interesting, thanks for your input. I trust the mechanics who replaced the engine mount and who diagnosed this new problem, but without putting it up, just on my info. However, reading your email, maybe not an accurate diagnosis.

With all these recent expenses, although I have gotten off basically free all these years, I’m toying with the idea of getting a new, smaller, easier to park, car. Like a Honda HRV, Toyota CHR… With all the safety features.

Should I decide to keep the Highlander and put on new tires I’ll let you know the outcome.

We have a lot in common. We recently shopped for a new vehicle that was a bit more compact and settled on the Mazda CX-5. We liked that it sort of skirted the space between the too-small Honda HR-V and the compact crossover field (which are all now growing to be the same size as the Gen 1 Highlander). We’ve been thrilled with it. Good luck!

Nice going John , just confuse the person who has tires that are well past the sell date . Could you just not agree that the tires should be replaced and if that does not solve the problem to post back.

Hello, sorry I won’t be able to tell you how my Highlander drove after I replaced the tires. I’m replacing the car instead! It seemed a good time to stop putting more money into it since it is getting on in years. It has been the best car we’ve ever had, in every way.

I will be getting a Subaru Crosstrek, with all the latest safety features.

I wish you luck with your Highlander.

Aloha, Anne

Glad you got that shimmy problem solved, or at least shifted to a new owner. Best of luck w/your Crosstrek :slight_smile:

Just to let you know that I sold the Toyota Highlander a couple of days ago, the new owner put on 4 brand new tires and the shaking and shimmying stopped. The tie rods were also going to need replacing fairly soon so that was done at the same time, new battery, plus oil change (it was a quart low)
I’m happy to hear the shimmying stopped.
Now to get used to a brand new car with all the changes in 17 years!!

Thanks very much for this info. It helps us all to learn. Good luck with your new car. Those Crosstreks are very cool.