2011 Subaru Outback - Puddle

Water leak puddle in rear seat floor behind the drivers seat.

It sounds like the sunroof is leaking. Has it rained recently where you are?

Yes sir. I’ve had the drains cleared by the dealer. Multiple times. Has comeback in a couple of months each time. Even tried snaking myself using nylon trimmer wire. Again, that worked, but didn’t last more than a few months. Car lives outside, but not under any trees that would contribute to the clogging.

Going to try the dealer again, but will ask them to attempt a more thorough job.

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There was a recall for incorrectly installed sunroof glass. Do you know if your vehicle was affected? https://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1066221_2011-subaru-legacy-outback-models-recalled-for-sunroof-flaw


Not sure. I bought it as CPO in 2014. I’ll have Subaru check the VIN. THANK YOU for the tip!

Here are the VINs affected for the Outback:

FROM B327519 TO B435565

If your VIN starts with a B and the last six digits are between those listed, there is a recall for insufficient adhesive between the glass panel and the frame. You can see it yourself at safercar.gov.

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Great info! My VIN was affected, however I checked the status on subaru.com, and the 3 recalls listed there, including the sunroof adhesive, all show “Completed”.

I called the dealer who’d cleared the drains multiple times in the past and they’re “looking into it” and I expect a callback, probably tomorrow.

Best of luck.

Thanks, Dave, for the tip about the recall!

You’re welcome. I presume you also have a “soggy” Outback? Best of luck with the recall.