Water in front courtesy light of subaru outback!



hi, i noticed water in the courtesy light of my 2001 subaru outback. this model has the sunroof double (moonroof). the sun/moon roof grooves are clear of debris and water seems to flow quickly through the drain tubes and on to the ground when tested.

i heard there might be a faulty seem on this model subaru which can result in a similar leak.

anyone have a similar experience or have any info on this problem?

be great to hear from ya, jimmy.


You may have to either remove the light assembly or head liner to see where the water comes through.


hi, thanks for your interest in my post.

sounds like you are on to something regarding the removal f the headliner.

i removed the light fixture etc and had a look around but you i couldn’t see much - and couldn’t see where there might be a leak.

the headliner removal sounds like a bigger job…!

i guess that is my next step. i’ll have to find out how to remove those small round rivets to release the headliner though.

anymore info would be great and i’ll keep you posted on how i progress!

thanks, jamie


hi, maybe i should have included that i live in the pacific northwest and we get lots of rain. a mechanic here suggested that i blow the air through the drain pipes anyway, (even though water was passing through the pipes during my water test, during a heavy rain storm there still may have been debris causing the water to back up sufficiently for a leak to occur), and i didn’t get the leak during this current storm


so the moral to the story is, even if water passes through the drain tubes - it still might be blocked enough to cause this leak!
i hope this link helps someone out there.