Leak in 2001 Subaru Outback Limited

Every time it rains I have a leak in the rear “wagon section” just beneath where the middle seatbelt attached to the roof although I can’t tell where it is coming from. The rear of my car is constantly soaking wet in that area. Please Help! I just purchased the car and it otherwise is wonderful.

Did you check the roof and edges for a broken weld? If it’s been there for a while I would expect some rust to be present. On a dry day you might try using a bottle of water on different areas of the roof and gutters. You may have to have the dealership remove the headliner.

The first thing to check is the weather seal around the top of the rear liftgate.
Even though the leak seems to be coming from further forward, water can and does travel after entering through a breach.

Does the car have a sunroof? Clogged sunroof drains are often a source of leaks into the interior.

I’d also inspect the gaskets where the roof rack attaches to the roof.