2011 Subaru Legacy Many indicator lights suddenly on

Today I had a flat tire. Noticed because the warning light was on. Fixed flat. Tire pressure light is off. Now the brake light is blinking. The cruise indicator is blinking. The skid control light is on and the check engine light is on.
Any ideas? Can I drive it ?

Check The Owner’s Manual.

Was the car rolling when the tire was low or flat?

I think the flat tire “freaked out” some systems that utilize information transmitted by a wheel speed sensor because it was not turning at a speed similar to the other three. The ABS brakes, cruise, and skid control all rely on information monitored by 4 wheel speed sensors. They are related that way.

See if there is a “reset” procedure or if flat tire and issues like you describe are in the manual.

The Check Engine Light is the key to the problem, so the first step is to determine exactly what Diagnostic Trouble Codes have been stored by the car’s OBD system.

With Subarus built from 2010 onward, they are programmed to turn all of the warning lights on when the Check Engine Light is activated, apparently so that people are alarmed sufficiently to investigate the problem, rather than assuming that a lit-up CEL is not indicative of a major problem.

Once you find out exactly what caused the CEL to activate, then you can determine whether you need to pursue a fix, or merely to have the code(s) cleared in order to turn off the lights.

Probably related to fixing the flat. A tire inflation sensor may have been damaged, or a wheel speed sensor. I expect there’s a simple explanation for all those lights. They do that b/c for those safety systems to work everything else has to be working perfectly too, and if the computer decides there’s a problem it turns all those systems off also, and hence all the warning lights. In your case I’ll bet you have a lot or warning lights but not much of a problem