2011 Nissan Versa screeching sound from left front wheel

I have recently done some work on my car. I had a clunking noise and needed new rotors, warped. I found out I had a broken coil spring, left front, which I have discovered is fairly common for this car, this was the clunking noise… About 100k on it. I put on new brake pads, ceramic, and rotors and when I drove the car there was a horrible screeching sound from the left front wheel. Not a sound from the right front. I drove it the first day thinking they would quiet down. They did not. I took pads off and placed lubricant on the back sides of them, reassembled and drove, no change, still as loud as before. I took all of the brake stuff off and turned the axle and the noise was still there. I changed the wheel bearing thinking that this could be the only thing that would make such a noise. No change with the new wheel bearing! Same noise just as before! I didn’t think that this noise could be a half shaft as I thought they mostly made a grinding noise. This is definitely a scraping metal sound, pulses with wheel revolution. I am at a loss as what could be causing this noise. Any ideas? I sure could use some.

How about the dust shield/splash guard rubbing on the rotor?

I checked all of that stuff, shield, brake pad seats everything. I can’t see where anything is touching the rotor. It still makes the noise with the pads and rotor off when you turn the axle.

I did replace coil spring. All of this happened pretty much over night, no noise except the clunking sound from broken spring. Fixed the spring new pads and rotors, horrible screeching noise. Frustrating to say the least.

Have you put a screwdriver on the hub (bearing housing) with the handle against your ear to confirm the noise is coming from the hub?

I replaced the hub so I assume it is not it. Could it be the u joint on the half shaft?

Don’t assume ANYTHING. You have to pinpoint the location of this noise.

So i found the noise! Turns out to be a small tab of the dust shield that goes inside the backside of the rotor, can’t see it when rotor is on. I must have left rotor on when i had calipers off when i heard the noise. Kinda feel real stupid!!

A dozen guys are nodding their head, “Been there, done that…”

Thanks for the update!

"A dozen guys are nodding their head, “Been there, done that…”

Yep, plus two for sure. I remember once I replaced the hub (I think it was anyway) on one of my Rivieras. Couple nights later coming home, it started making a knocking/screeching sound. I had to have it towed home 50 miles. I discovered I hadn’t tightened one of the bolts enough and used locktight. Bolt came loose and was hitting the rotor or something. Went back over my work again. It was one of those critical bolts that had to be super tight in the first place.