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2011 Nissan Tiida noisy acceleration

Nissan Tiida 2011 model ( USA SPECS) makes noise while accelerating and is very hard to accelerate sometimes, may in know if there are any know issues of the gear box

The Tiida is called the Versa in the U.S. In the U.S. it could have a 6 speed manual, a 4 speed automatic, or a CVT. You didn’t mention which transmission your car has. If you have the CVT, it will be noisy on moderate to hard acceleration, as the engine will rev up to it’s power peak and stay there until your desired speed is reached. If you’re not aware of how CVT’s operate, it can be disconcerting.

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Dear team,

Thank you for responding, it’s not my car, it’s my friends car and I am planning to buy it, if it’s CVT I understand it making noise while hard acceleration, but in my frnds case as soon as I start the car and just press my foot on the gas the noise begins.

And I just need ur suggestion, is it advisible to buy a Nissan tiida 2011 model (USA specs) which I will using it in Dubai, it has covered 190k KM , is there any well know issues of tiida 2011 model?

Thanks & Regards

Jude Xavier

And yes it’s a 4 speed automatic.



If you are hearing the noise when the car is sitting still–without the transmission being engaged–then the one thing that you can rule-out is the noise being related to a transmission problem.
Is it possible that there is an exhaust leak?

As to…

… has the car been maintained at least as well as Nissan specifies in their maintenance schedule?
For example, the spark plugs should have been replaced at least once already.

Is the Check Engine Light lit-up?

I think that this is a case of a car that is badly in need of diagnostic attention from a qualified mechanic before you consider buying it.

In the book titled ’ How to Lose a Friend ’ the first thing listed is buy from or selling to a vehicle.