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2006 Nissan Versa/Tiida Transmission

Hi, i am having 2006 nissan tiida 1.6 with 100000 km done. recently my car not getting acceleration after around 20 km speed. i am experiencing this issue once in a day or twice. the engine rpm goes more than 5k- 6k but not getting usual speed acceleration. It happens normally i am waiting for signal and moving from there. it does not give any transmission problem when it reaches more than 40 km speed . please advise to know what kind of transmission issue it is. Thanks

Though you did not say, I’m guessing your car has an automatic transmission.
RPMs going up without an increase in speed indicates transmission is failing.

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Check the fluid level in your transmission if you have a diostick. also check the color and smell. Dark or black or a burnt smell are not good. If the level is good, try a fluid change.Use nothing but the manufacturers recommended fluid. Do you have a CVT, they don’t seem to last as long but 100,000 kilometers is early for failure.

If it needs a transmission, it may cost more than the value of the car.

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Thanks for your valuable feedback… I replaced gear oil and filter recently… old oil also found good only…okay let’s see …if the problem continues again and again …then it’s my fate… I may have to replace it…is there any option other than this…? Please reply…thanks again…


From Qatar

You mention gear oil, in the US where this forum is based, gear oil is the term for the fluid in a manual transmission. If you have a manual transmission , you have a clutch problem. Much cheaper.

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Maybe in your older cars like you own, Most cars use automatic transmission fluid in manual shift transmissions now

But automatics never used gear oil. Used as I am accustomed, it would point to a manual.

However the OP goes on to say they also replaced the filter so I’d suspect it is an automatic. In my experience, clutches slip most at highest load=takeoff, not 20kph. Further consideration for automatic.

It’s only done it a few times so far? The slipping may not have affected the fluid condition. If you inspect fluid level and condition, fluid could have leaked and is low or fluid could be worn out. Otherwise, it’s likely internal issue and needs to be overhauled. Good luck!

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“Than it’s my fate”? Nissan cvt? Yes. Perhaps a final high speed drift effort would be fun. Remember to put it on YouTube.