Alternator noise

Can anyone explain what it means to have alternator noise? I have an Infiniti G20T, 1999, which I need to hang on to for a while. There is a whirring noise from the engine area which my mechanic says is the alternator. He says that it should be allright for a while, that the engine light will go on if it gets critical. The quote I got to replace it is $570. Would you recommend replacing the alternator or will there be sufficient time to have it replaced once the engine light goes on? Thanks.

The bearings in it may be going bad. The quote you got for the repair seems fairly high and it may be due to the cost of a new unit. I suggest you call around to some parts stores and see what you can get a rebuilt unit for. I don’t how involved it is to replace the alternator in your car but I would think an hour of labor would cover the replacement time needed. Hopefully you can replace it for about half the price that was quoted you.

Keep your eye open for a “battery” light or illuminated battery symbol.
Do get confused looking for a “check engine” light.

Auto Electric Shop Savior:

See if you have independent shops in your area that do only “Auto Electric” work (phone book). I have one I use that repairs starters and alternators, etc. that are “not repairable.” Both my factory manual and auto parts stores said my alternator was not repairable, and could only be replaced, but not so!

This guy remanufactures his own rebuilt brush holder assemblies and exchanges your’s with ones he’s put new brushes in. Often he can replace bearings that are not replacement items, too. Last time he put a brush holder/brushes in my inoperative alternator, for less than $20 (I had it out of the car), while I watched!

Some shops work on cars and components, some only on the components. Search a wide area. I live in a very rural spot and “my” shop is 50 miles, one way, but worth every bit of the drive. I hope you find a good one. Good Luck!

This guy works on everything, even old MG’s. He had an old MG TD of some vintage he was working on last visit, the whole car!

Update: “Auto Electic Savior”

I just got off the phone. I asked my Auto Electric shop guy:

  1. Can you replace alternator bearings in a 1999, Infinity G20T alternator?

  2. How much would it cost to put bearings in a 1999, Infinity G20T alternator, if I brought in the alternator.


  1. Yes.

  2. It would cost $35 to do just the bearings (or $75 if they go through and overhaul it, including new brushes and bearings).

America, What a country!

I fully agree with CommonSenseAnswer on going to a local independent Auto Electric shop. You will get honest quality work at very reasonable prices.