2005 Nissan Altima - Wheel bearings

I need bearings changed out in one wheel on my NIssan Altima 2005. How much should I expect to pay, and where should I go in Los Angeles westside.

You will just have to get prices yourself . Prices vary from place to place and the chance that someone from the west side of LA seeing this post is slim. The west side of LA is a large area so use the online review sites , friends , relatives and coworkers to find a shop .

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Volvo is correct. I did a wheel bearing on a 2006 Accord this past month for $258. You should be within $200 of that number. Do not use the local Nissan dealer. Find a trusted shop.

Are Honda parts that expensive considering a shop did my beater 99 Corolla for under $200 incl parts and labor.They installed a top quality Timken bearing on it.

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Enter your info here, and you’ll get some idea of the cost.


You are correct! Wrong service. It was $258! I am correcting my post

Thanks Tester, appreciate the help.

I had both front wheel bearings replaced on my 2000 Blazer in 2005. It’s a sealed hub with the abs sensor built-in so the parts (rebuilt) were ~$350 each. With labor it was a $800-900 repair. My trusted independent mechanic did the work, it would have been much more at the dealer.

Good luck, I hope your repair is not as painful.

Ed B.