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2011 Kia Sorento warning lights

The Esc light and DBC will come while I am driving normally down the road when I need to put my car in park it will not shift. I have to cut the car off, wait a few s

There’s a switch on the brake pedal - it’s responsible for turning on the brake lights and signaling other brake-related functions - like you have to press the brake to shift into or out of Park. That switch is the first place to look.

My wife’s and my definition of “driving normally” are quite a bit different,

She claims the ESC light in her car comes on all the time when she’s “driving normally”.
I can’t get it to come on in her car when I drive it normally. I had to ride with her one day, found out what her definition of normal was and remembered why I do the driving when we go somewhere together.

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A female friend of mine is a chronic tailgater, and riding with her is truly a white-knuckle experience.
After a couple of rides in her car, I found it much better for my health to say, “Let’s take my car, Carol!”.