2008 Kia Sorento stability control

I have a KIA Sorento 2008. I also have the same ESC OFF problems as many others that asked for help back in 2011…did anyone find out any info on why the car ESC light comes os and engine begins to be sluggish? We have taken it in several times to dealer, nothing was done to make the problem better, just fixed other things. It hadn’t done it for months, but this morning when I pulled out into traffic, it did it and I could have been in a serious situation…

The ESC stands for Electronic Stability Control. This is a system that uses the ABS brake system to keep help you out of a skid or spin. It only works in emergency situations. If it isn’t working, the car still runs, stops and handles like a regular car.

The car will light the ESC light when there are problems with the engine or the brake system as a precaution against doing the wrong thing. So the dealer fixing “other things” is exactly what they should have done. It made the warning go away. Now it is back, you need to have the reason for the light diagnosed, again.