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2011 Kia Rondo feels jumpy

When starting from a stop light or from just making a turn car seems as if it has stopped, then it jumps forward like it is going 20 or 30 miles a hour. The engine is running all this time but it will not start to go then it jumps forward. RPM is not increased until car starts to move. Will do this when it is cold or fully warmed up. Thanks

Sounds like a transmission problem but you did not tell us what type transmission is in the car, nor how many miles, nor how long it has done this, nor if there is a check engine light showing on the dash.

Post back with more info and we’ll try and help.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. We just bought this car in Nov. it has 131.000 KM, with a 4 speed automatic transmission.

*It has not *shown any lights on the dash since we got it. This jumping action has been there since we first started to drive it.

We have put about 900 KM, both city and Hwy. First I thought that maybe it had not been driven for some time and this would stop as we drove it more, didn’t stop or get any worse. Very frustrating!!


*Paul *

That makes it less likely to be a transmission issue.

Depending on the kind of gas pedal and throttle body your car has, it could be a sticky throttle plate or a bad throttle position sensor; if an electric throttle, the sending unit on the accelerator pedal or the receiving/actuating unit on the throttle body could be bad. With electric components like these, it can be a case of the variable resistance not smoothly following the changing physical angle; cleaning the innards with a good electrical contact cleaner might do the trick. That worked for me on a TPS years ago.

Good luck and please keep us informed.


Hi Thanks we will**look at that and let you know.