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RPM Jumping and Car Kicking

I have a 2016 Honda Pilot. About a week ago the dreaded check engine light appeared along with a sequence of secondary warnings. When driving the vehicle the RPMs will start to jump when slowly accelerating (40-50mph range), if I hit the gas the car kicks out of the shudder, jumps to third gear and drives normally. Anyway, I bring the car to Honda and they tell me I have faulty fuel injectors - they replace those.

A week later we have the same thing starting again, the car is kicking (jolting, not sure the proper term to use here) when I slowly accelerate. I don’t have a check engine light - yet - but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into why the car is doing this.

Any thoughts? Thank in advance!

When the engine rpm increases, does the vehicle speed increase in a corresponding manner? If the engine races w/no increase in vehicle speed, that’s a common symptom for a slipping automatic transmission. Generally the first step is a proper transmission service.

Jerking in slow speed driving (like in a neighborhood) can sometimes be clogged fuel injectors. But the injector theory seems less likely if noticed in the 40 mph range. I presume the folks at the dealership did the standard fuel system tests, pressure, pressure hold, injector balance, etc and decided from that the injectors needed to be replaced. If so, that was needed in any event.