2011 Jeep Wrangler

Has anyone had any issues with a 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK instrument cluster. Mine started acting up 2 years ago now they tell me it has to be replaced. This will probably run me $1200 by the time its done. Shouldn’t these things last longer than 5 years?

I think that is pretty steep for an instrument cluster.

If this is a Dealership price…thy finding a good independent mechanic and save some money.


What’s wrong w/your instruments?

Look for a mechanic than sticking with your dealer.

Hi Everyone - the price I quoted for an instrument cluster was the dealer price. I live

in Canada and everything is expensive here. I don’t have any horn and the only steering

wheel control that works is the cruise - apparently the dealer is the only place that can

fix this as it has to be programmed - not sure why that is - anyway thanks for all the


That doesn’t sound like a cluster issue to me. Have they diagnosed the actual cause or are they guessing based on reported symptoms?

I was told it was a defective cluster - at $100 every time I take this in for a diagnostic I think

I will live with the problem

My point is we may be talking about different things. The instrument cluster is mounted in the dash, the controls you describe as not working are mounted on the steering wheel. Perhaps the signals route through the dash cluster but the chances of it being localized to the steering wheel controls or the wiring coming off a rotating assembly/column stalk is much higher than it being a cluster problem IMO. If it’s as you described, I would be looking at a second opinion.

thanks for the advice

Did they say anything like “clockspring”? That’s the flexible wiring relief gadget that allows wires to be connected to buttons and controls in the steering wheel. There’s several recalls/customer interest/tsb bulletins on that part for your Jeep from what I see. Suggest to ask the dealership if any of those apply.