Chevy instrument cluster failing

I have a failing 2003 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster and wonder if I can replace it myself. I see where some companies will repair my cluster for about $75.00 and all I have to do is remove it and re-install it when they send it back. 4 bolts and one plug. No reprogramming. What could be easier? Chevy wants $575.00. Is it really something I can/should do? -

$75? Yup.

Removal and replacement of modern instrument clusters is pretty simple if you have a good illustration of how it’s installed. It sounds like you do. . The mileage is contained in the ECU, and everything in the cluster is run through the wiring harness. The cluster just unplugs once unscrewed/unclipped.

If you lack a good drawing of how it’s installed, the dealers’ parts department should be able to print one for you.

If you want to get really cheap, depending on what is failing, speedo, tach, you can pick up the motors for less than $10 and replace them, if you have a soldering iron and are so inclined.

I agree with the same mountain bike here. DIY and save some money. Give your self a pat on the back after the job is done.