Does my 2013 Jetta (77,000 miles) need a new instrument cluster?

Went to a few mechanics and ultimately to dealer for car not starting once or twice a week. Battery, starter and alternator check out. Purge valve has been replaced (twice, since according to dealer the first one was bad.) Mostly it chugs and chugs and won’t start, but once it didn’t turn on at all and the mechanic “replaced a fuse”.

When I took it back to the dealer and told them the second purge valve didn’t fix it, they now say it needs a fuel pump because a spot on the motor is bad (which is why it sometimes chugs and chugs and won’t start) and they also need to order a rebuilt instrument cluster because when their technician drove over a bump the instrument panel went out and when the technician replaced fuse and manipulated the instrument cluster it went out again.

I have poured a lot of money into this car already and I am underwater on a loan I still owe $6000 on. My choices appear to be keep fixing it, buy a new old car while I still have good credit and then let this one get repossessed, or trade this car in for the $1000 or $2000 it’s probably worth and add these payments to the loan amount for another old car (would probably be a Hyundai or Prius this time.)

Anyway, they are charging me $960 to order and install a rebuilt instrument cluster. Is this what you have to do when the instrument cluster blows fuses, or can it simply be repaired?

Don’t ruin your credit because it takes a long time to get back to a good rating. Poor credit effects even your insurance rates .
I know you have several threads about this Jetta and I don’t see an end to it.
Also take an old Prius off your want list because the repairs on one of those will be expensive .

My thought is if you normally drive less than 12000 miles a year is this. Find the cheapest new vehicle lease you can , your unpaid balance will be rolled into that and you will have 3 years of warranty . That will let you also save money to either buy the vehicle in 3 years or do something else.

I’d guess that the instrument cluster can be done at a lower price by an independent mechanic. Have you priced that yet?

I don’t think repossession is a good idea here.

Can it be repaired? It is being repaired. Just not on premises. You might have to wait a couple weeks while they diagnose and repair the cluster. Cheaper and faster to buy one that was rebuilt then rebuild the one you have.

I think you need a better mechanic. I know you’ve been to a few already but theses diagnosis’s sound hokey to me. Two different mechanics threw a purge valve at it and now this one thinks it’s a spot on the fuel pump?

A spot on the fuel pump, that is pure bullcrap .