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2011 Jeep Patriot clicking noise under the glove box

My 2011 Jeep Patriot started making a clicking noise from under the glove box. The dealership told me it needed a new actuator. After it was supposedly replaced and I got my Jeep back, it was still making the same noise. Now the dealership is telling me that the Patriots have 4 actuators and a different one needs to be replaced. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Am I being ripped off?!!

Yes, actuators do break. There are two possibilities, the facility replaced the wrong one or the second one broke just when you picked it up. Too late now, but I would not have left the facility.

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Usually you turn the car on, set the actuator to clicking and then touch them to find the right one. I think that yes, there are 4. They MAY have replaced the wrong one, but I doubt it. A second one broke.

But the clicking sound happens even when the car isn’t even turned on!

With the key out, the clicking continues? As far as Ican see the actuators are electrically operated, so clicking should stop immediately.
Aside from that, I think you should follow Mustangman advice. You can access this area easily by removing the glove box. Squeeze the sides and it will rotate out.
Then just feel around to see if you can locate the source.

Yes! Even with the key out it clicks. When it is parked and I’m nowhere near the car and no key in the ignition. Makes me mad to think I paid for this dealership to fix the problem and it’s not been fixed. I’ve contacted them for the 4th time for a resolution.