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2011 Jeep Liberty Master Power Switch

Hello, the other day i was brushing snow off my car and some of it landed on the master power switch where i control all my windows and mirrors on the driver side. I cleaned as much as i could off of the buttons and stuff, which today i go to roll down the windows and move my mirrors around and when i go to roll them down and up it isnt working. The only buttons that work are for the back passenger windows. Can someone tell me what might be wrong or what needs to be replaced? Thanks

Could have shorted the switch but they are well protected from any type of spill,including melted snow or water.You could remove the switch and inspect the primary connector.

Maybe, just maybe, if you thoroughly dried the switches with a hair dryer, it might help. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

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Maybe just needs to be dried. A hair drier could do it.

Have you checked the related fuses?

If drying it out doesn’t solve it, then some part of or possibly the entire switch unit will likely have to be replaced. A good shop will measure the resistance of the switch contacts to verify that’s the problem first.