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2011 Jeep Liberty - Heat location

2011 Jeep Liberty with 78,000 miles. Heater will only blow warm air on max heat and will not blow air towards feet, it only blows the warm air through the dash vents.

Sounds like your blend door failed, or the controls for it failed. The blend door is a flap that moves around to direct air through specific vents. Sounds like it’s not moving. That’s not uncommon with Chrysler products.

It sounds like the Climate Control Module has failed.

When you adjust for temperature, the CCM moves a blend door which determines if cold or hot air enters the cabin. When you adjust where you want this air to come out, the CCM moves mode doors and these direct where the air comes out.


That’s the mode door, right? The blend door sets the outlet air temp by blending hot and outside air. Sounds like problems with both on this Jeep…

Could it be as simple as a disconnected or leaking vacuum hose in the engine compartment?

If the blend doors on that model are actuated by vacuum… yes.
However, many/most newer cars seem to be using electronically actuated blend doors.,2011,liberty,3.7l+v6,1447262,heat+&+air+conditioning,heater+blend+door+actuator,10721


Yeah. I have a bad habit of calling both doors blend doors.