Blow me down

i have a jeep liberty.heat only blows wide open.air same way but will come and go at will?

Do you mean the heater/AC fan only runs occasionally? Are you saying this is the same for A/C or that it does it some times for both the A/C and heat? Do all the fan speeds function?

What year Liberty do you have? Is it computer/digital controls or the standard switch controls. When you say it comes and goes, do you mean that it changes as you drive or from one trip to the next?

Has anyone checked the coolant level?

I assume wide open means the maximum setting on fan speed.

Basically a fan speed selector is on at max speed and at lower speeds goes through an electric part called a resistor pack. Your resistor pack is likely burnt out. The resistor pack burned out due to stress of failing fan motor or simply failure. So if this part fails again replace the fan motor too.

Does The Jeep Liberty Have A Particular Model-Year Dsignation ? Would You Like To Reveal It ? When Discussing Vehicle Problems, It’s Sometimes As Important As Make And Model.