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2008 Jeep Liberty - Heat issue

I have a problem with my heater in my 2008 jeep liberty. I have take my jeep to several different mechanic and they flush my system. A/C works fine and I had a little heat enough to defrost the windows. Since weather is changing I had the system checked again. My heater is not working again and again no heat. Jeep is really great except for the heater. Can any fixed the without taking down the dash board… Open for suggestion .

Huh? Can you explain a bit better? Do you think the cause is a clogged heater core? Or is this caused by a broken blend door actuator? Or do you and several mechanics not know the problem?

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Sounds like a back-flush could be of help here. Lots of videos on youtube. A mom and pop repair shop can do this quickly and without breaking the bank. If that does not help they can probably advise you what else needs to be done.