Jeep wont heat

i have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee laredo and the heater wont switch from cold to hot the blower motor works the heater core is working and both coolant lines to it are getting hot so what ive been able to figure by myself is the blend door isnt working. any suggestions???

Blend door actuator if applicable.

Make sure the battery is fully charged and correct voltage when engine is running (13.5-15.5 volt) and connections to the posts are in good condition.

first thing done

im trying to figure out how to get to it without tearing the dash out if there is a way

Do your blend doors work on vacuum or electric actuators? If the latter this problem could be the TIPM on newer Jeeps, but I don’t think a 98 had that part. If electric actuators, probably the blend door actuator or its mechanism has failed.

Maybe the dealer can give you a diagram of the part\s, whether vacuum or electric or whatever. Then you probably need to remove the front seat to get under there with a flash light. This could easily be cable operated. Maybe something is disconnected. What it takes is plenty of light and good vision.

Not personally knowledgeable, internet search might be helpful such as this

I don’t think so. If it was cable actuated it would still be working.

its not cable operated it is electric and i can see the post notch turning when i change the temp so now im trying to figure out how to open the blend door

does this help?

There’s often several different hvac doors under the dash, some are very difficult to access and can require removing the dash. The one that typically breaks however is usually not overly difficult to access. So you got that going for you OP.

From what I see the Temperature/Blend-Air Door Motor is located over the trans tunnel and can be removed w/out removing the instrument panel or AC/heater housing. Should be do-able. You might could remove seats to make the job easier. Presumably once the actuator motor is removed it will be apparent what’s necessary to get the blend door working again.