2011 Hyundai Sonata - Question on post-recall light

Has anyone had a brake switch light issue occur again after the recall/repair was done? My brake lights will not shut off even after car is turned off and key removed. I have to continuously get under the dash, press down the brake pedal and push in the little button to shut them off. That or disconnect my battery. (Have a new appreciation for mechanics, you have to be a contortionist !!!) After doing this for two days, I no longer need the flashlight, I can do it by feel. However, if my grip slips, I might lose a finger. I am a 62 year old female who currently has a back injury. I don’t need this. UGH!! Dealership said this was taken care of (prior to my purchase) so diagnostics and costs are on me. Has anyone else had this issue?

Noreen, it doesn’t matter if anyone else has this problem. You do have it and it needs to be fixed. Rather than take it to the dealer, I would suggest taking it to a good local mechanic. Ask friends, check google or yelp ratings. It will likely be less expensive.

The switch is either misadjusted or sticking. It should be easy and cheap to fix. Good Luck and post back with what you find.

yep, @Noreen21, you have isolated and diagnosed the issue, now just need to get it repaired. The repair is very likely a need for a new stoplight switch. Shouldn’t be very expensive, and should be pretty easy to do.

I agree with @Mustangman- find a local shop to take care of this, not the dealership.

That’s called an ongoing recall issue.

What this means is, if a vehicle is repaired under a recall, and the same component that failed under the original recall fails again, that component must be replaced again under the original recall.

Or in other words, if the original component that failed was faulty, and another faulty component is installed in it’s place, it’s still covered under the recall.

Take it back to the dealer, and tell them to keep installing brake light switches until a good one is installed.