2011 Hyundai Santa Fe - smoke from the steering column

Turn signal not in use but start clicking like it was then smoke started coming out where turn signal goes into steering column. Turned off vehicle and got a tow truck to pick up. I was afraid to restart in case of fire. Any recalls or complaints?

If you have full coverage insurance at least call and see if you might be covered for this . The government recall web site will have a list of recalls but don’t get your hopes up.

The same thing is happening right now with my 2012 Hyundai santa fe. I was driving from work, got home, and started seeing smoke come out of my turn signal/steering wheel. Could anyone please advise me on what to do? At this point i am tired of Hyundai. Today the news came out with a big story on how Hyundais and kias are catching on fire due to an electrical problem.

Getting it fixed would be on my “to do” list.