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Santa fe sudden deceleration/gas pedal quits

i have a 2010 santa fe with 19k miles…twice this week i was driving and suddenly the gas pedal stopped working and engine light came on. brakes worked, thank goodness.

anyone else have “Sudden Unintended Deceleration”??

after the first event, i had it towed to the dealer (following protocol in the manual). they reported a new recall (it had been serviced a few months ago), executed a computer update and all was fixed (or so i thought).

4 days later, with less than 100 miles driven since the repair, it happened again. this time i was in 35mph traffic so when the accelerator pedal no longer worked, i almost was rear-ended. i was able to coast out of traffic (brakes and steering fine)to a side street. i was able to coast home (.5 mile or so). car would accelerate after stop signs, although the gas pedal doesn’t respond at all. very scary that it even shifted to a higher gear and would go 30mph and keep accelerating if i didn’t brake!

it’s the weekend so the car sits at home waiting for monday. comments?

Belclaire, Regarding Your Experience With The Reliability Of Your Hyundai ( " I almost was rear-ended " ), I’m Glad You Are Safe And The Car Grounded Once Again.
Be Sure And Register A Complaint On The NHTSA File A Complaint Site. You Very Well Could Help Others From Having A Bad Experience.

Having the vehicle " towed to the dealer (following protocol in the manual). " was and is a very wise move. I wish more people would use their manuals.

Be sure and have all of the verbage of your complaints documented on Repair Orders at the dealer and get and keep copies of everything.

I hope they find a specific cause for your problem(s) and a thorough and positive remedy.