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2011 Hyundai Santa Fe & Battery & Alarm

So last night my truck wouldn’t start and I had just a rapid clicking sound. There seemed to be at least some power so it might be the starter, but I wanted to take the battery in to get checked before calling a tow truck. Problem is, whenever I try to reconnect the battery the alarm system goes off.

The FOB isn’t working (lock/unlock) to turn it off.
Jumping in to turn the key isn’t working.

The only way to stop the alarm is to disconnect the battery again.

Does the truck have to turn completely on for the alarm to turn off? Because that’s still not happening; just the clicking.

Did the battery test out okay? If so, can you get it fully charged on a charger somewhere?

When you put the battery back in try using the key to unlock the drivers door as if you had it locked.

On the key fob, unlock the doors. (you may have to lock them first) And that should turn the alarm off.


Try locking and unlocking both front doors and the trunk. Some car makers use one of these locks to reset the alarm.