2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring - Windows and gas tank cover

The power windows have been so terrible in this car. At first the panel at the driver’s seat stopped operating any of the other windows except the driver’s side. In the beginning, all passengers could still roll up and down their windows from their seats even though I could not from the driver’s side. As of now, I have needed to replace the entire power window kit in both front windows and I still can’t pay to have the wiring corrected so I can operate any window from the driver’s side.

Also wrong with this car—the latch for the gas tank cover is detached. It was also too expensive for me to get fixed. This happened only after a few years of owning the car. Now I have to jam something under the lever to open the tank.

Is there a question we can assist you with?

If my 8-year old car had these as the top problems I would be psyched!

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It sounds more like a money problem than a car problem. You know you need the windows rewired and either a wire or cable replaced for the gas flap, but can’t afford the repairs.